I am Shauna, the photographer behind Lil Munchkins Photography.  I have been shooting pictures for as long as I can remember.  I took photography in high school (back when we used film and developer) and shoot pictures every chance I get.  I enjoy studying and learning from local photographers and my colleagues out of state, as well.  I decided to create Lil Munchkins because I always had the desire to create beautiful, long-lasting images for people.  Photographs are timeless, in my opinion.

  • I am based in San Antonio, Texas and love everything about this area.

  • I have been an elementary school teacher for 10 years.

  • God blessed me with a beautiful baby boy, that has turned 3 years old this past spring.

  • Family is everything to me and those special moments that are spent with one another should always be cherished.

  • My son is the angel behind Lil Munchkins, because that is what I like to call him, my munchkin.

  • I believe that no matter how old our children get, they will forever be our “Lil Munchkins”.

  • I enjoy learning everything that I can about photography and technology.

I will work hard to ensure that I capture a special moment, or a beautiful image.  I look forward to capturing those precious milestones of your family and especially of your “Lil Munchkins”.