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The Holidays Are Here!

Christmas time is one of my favorite holidays of the year.  I don’t enjoy them for the gift giving, but for the time that is spent with families.  This is the season when people open their eyes to  what is truly important….family and love.  For me, when my family gets together for the holidays it… Read more »

Nothing Like Family

Today’s blog post comes from a true place of the heart.  I was honored with the chance to capture the first Christmas pictures of my beautiful cousin and her family, after their homecoming.  It’s amazing to me to see how fast time has flown.  I can still remember when she and her husband got married… Read more »

“Bells will be ringing…..”

Well, everyone it is that time of year again.  Carols are beginning to play on the radio, Christmas lights are beginning to go up downtown, the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping has commenced.  This is the time of year when we take a breath and begin to be thankful for what we have been… Read more »