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Something About the Innocence of Childhood

Remember the days when life was all about play?  There was not even the slightest worry about rushing from place to place, making sure the bills are paid, monthly budgeting to see if there will be any money left over to do something fun.  Life was simple,  just the joy of play.  I enjoyed watching my… Read more »

Catching It All

I have officially become a TeeBall mom.  I have never followed baseball before in my life, because I always thought it was so boring to watch.  Hey, it just never interested me.  Now it is a completely different story.  My munchkin decided that he wanted to try TeeBall this season instead of soccer.  Mind you,… Read more »

Nothing Like Family

Today’s blog post comes from a true place of the heart.  I was honored with the chance to capture the first Christmas pictures of my beautiful cousin and her family, after their homecoming.  It’s amazing to me to see how fast time has flown.  I can still remember when she and her husband got married… Read more »

Hello and Welcome to the New Blog for Lil Munchkins Photography!

I am so excited to begin this journey in my life.  I enjoy taking pictures of anything and everything, and I am so glad that I am able to bring those images to friends (old and new) and family.  My son was my inspiration behind my business, I loved taking pictures of my little munchkin…. Read more »