Something About the Innocence of Childhood

Remember the days when life was all about play?  There was not even the slightest worry about rushing from place to place, making sure the bills are paid, monthly budgeting to see if there will be any money left over to do something fun.  Life was simple,  just the joy of play.  I enjoyed watching my son and his cousin meet for the first time this summer and watch how they automatically found something to play.  They ran around my uncle’s house as if they had known each other for years.  Then they played with my son’s Lego people, and created this imaginary world where only the two of them resided.


It’s funny how as adults when we are placed in a room with people we don’t know, it takes us a few minutes to adjust and find something to talk about.  Whereas these beautiful children don’t let fear be a factor in interacting with one another.  I believe we as adults need to take a note from kids…life isn’t about who has the best shoes or clothes,  who is better at sports, or who is stronger.  Life is about treating each other with respect and not seeing anything except the character one has inside.  Choose kindness and love, because that is what makes us better people, not possessions.  I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed capturing them.

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