The Holidays Are Here!

Christmas time is one of my favorite holidays of the year.  I don’t enjoy them for the gift giving, but for the time that is spent with families.  This is the season when people open their eyes to  what is truly important….family and love.  For me, when my family gets together for the holidays it is a loud and joyous time.  It is the BEST!!

Family is the primary focus of tonight’s post.  I really love when I get to see families that love each other so much you can see it in pictures, as well as, in person.  The “H” family was so much fun to shoot.  They laughed and played with each other during the shoot and it made my job that much more fun.  The love and adoration that their children have for their parents will melt even the coldest of hearts.

Of course, there can be no holiday without delicious Christmas cookies.  The kids were in heaven when it came time for them to change out of dress clothes and into comfy pajamas.  As a mother, I love seeing little bare toes wiggle with delight.  Needless to say, we definitely had some wiggly toes when they were able to see their final treat for doing such a great job of playing and smiling.  I truly enjoyed capturing these forever images for the “H” family, and I hope y’all enjoy these images, too.

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