“This is me. This is who I am!”

Hey everyone!

I know that I have been quiet for a while, lately.  I have been working so much and trying to balance my schedule.  Plus, I couldn’t show you these wonderful new images before I showed the parents of this amazing young man, now could I?  I have been very blessed to meet a new young man that has the most amazing personality!  He made me laugh continuously through his shoot!  He really does keep himself busy between the scouts, basketball, his sisters, and the amount of reading that he does.  His parents and former teacher had amazing things to say about him!  I mean, come on!  How could they not have great things to say about a young man, when asked, “What can you not live without?”, responds with “my family”.  Here are just a couple things that were said:


“He loves science and the way things work.  I can definitely see him as an engineer or even an astronaut one day.”


“I remember walking the halls of a hospital with him when he was probably 5 and he stopped to tell a custodian they were doing a nice job washing the windows.  For him there is no scale of appreciation.  He is just appreciative”


“I love his giving and helpful heart.  At one point as we were packing up and getting ready to leave, I turned around and found him on one knee helping a younger scout tie his shoes.”


I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the stories about this amazing young man!

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